We Provide

Wholesale Produce to Distributors

The produce industry in South Florida is alive and well. There’s an increasing demand for fresh fruits, vegetables and specialty items from our local farmers as well as around the country, yes even abroad.

We Are

Strategically located in South Florida

The state farmers market in Pompano is on our door step, a thriving central hub and a vital supply line through the South Florida Agricultural community.

We Offer

Modern Methods Old-Fashioned Service

With decades of experience in the wholesale produce industry, we’ve seen advanced technologies make this business more competitive and efficient.

One thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to good, old fashioned customer service.

We Choose Us

Our History

Sotolongo Farms has a long history as the premiere family owned and operated wholesale fruit and produce company in the South Florida produce market. Our 20 year track record brings unequaled experience and expertise to the table.